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This site has spawned as a collection of my own findings to save others the time I have spent searching and experimenting.
It is a blog I will keep adding useful information to, growing this site into something greater.

What's New:

July 23, 2012: Today I launched my new Diet site, I will be documenting how I lost 120lbs and giving everyone who needs it help to follow in my footsteps. Right now the site is really bare-bones, however I have a lot of material written that once I get it organized will make a large site.

July 11, 2012: The 2012 North American Derecho knocked my site offline. My apologies to those attempting to reach my site between June 29 & July 7. The Derecho hit my area around 5:20pm EDT June 29th and knocked the power out to my house for 8 days. Since this site is hosted in my basement, that meant my site was down for that same period of time. Even if I would have had a power backup for that long, Time Warner was down too. 96% of households in my area were without power.

June 20, 2012: My MITx course is over, and I started my new Helpdesk Technician job, so I should finally have some time to get back my projects and update this site. The 14 week MITx class was taking 10 to 20hrs per week and didn't exactly leave time for much else outside work and studying. I've still been doing a lot of cycling getting in better shape.

What else is new?